CN developed CanaPux™ technology in conjunction with InnoTech Alberta using bitumen and recycled plastics to create a dry good that helps address the lack of market for recycled plastic in North America and the lack of global access for Alberta bitumen – thereby securing better prices and higher netbacks for producers.

CanaPux™ provides competitive economics for producers and off-takers by bringing crude to new markets in an environmentally safe way that can be safely transported by rail as a dry good, to Canadian coastal ports, and on to markets such as China and Korea. This helps address the demand by road builders around the world for a secure supply of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

By targeting non-combustion end-uses (i.e. roads, textiles, industrial waterproof membranes & sealants) CanaPux™ utilises our natural resource supply of bitumen & provides a product that minimizes GHG emissions.  Click here for more information on CanaPux™

Plastics Recycling

Globally, both land and water ways are reeling under the impact of our plastic use and innovators are working to find solutions for the vast amount of used plastics. 

CanaPux™ incorporates recycled plastic into its products and by doing so, we play our part in the solution to the increasing plastic crisis.

Inspired through CanaPux™, Wâpahki is also developing an opportunity for a recycling facility with a capacity to process upwards of 300 tonnes/day of plastic. Diverting plastic from landfills, creating a demand for increased collection and recycling of plastic waste. 

Licensing Agreement with CN

CN retains the IP for CanaPux™ and Wâpahki is closing negotiations on its license to manufacture CanaPux™. 

"CanaPux™ pellets have the potential to diversify Canada's energy markets and contribute to the economic growth of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Canada, in the form of investment, jobs, taxes and royalties. While this promising transportation solution is not meant to replace pipelines in Canada, it has the potential to contribute to the economic growth of the country. This innovative transportation solution improves market access for producers and allows global end-users to capitalize from the polymer versatility which can be recycled into new CanaPux™ pellets, reused as a road additive, waterproof membranes or textiles.  Global off-takers gain important economic benefits by accessing large landlocked Canadian extra-heavy crude reserves." – James Auld, CN



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