Wâpahk provides competitive economics for producers and off-takers by bringing crude to new markets in an environmentally safe way that can be safely transported by rail as a dry good, to Canadian coastal ports and borders, and on to global markets. The bitumen mix helps address the demand by road builders around the world for a secure supply of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB).

By targeting non-combustion end-uses (i.e. roads, textiles, industrial waterproof membranes & sealants) we utilize the natural resource supply of bitumen & provide a product that minimizes GHG emissions.  

Plastics Recycling

Globally, both land and water ways are reeling under the impact of our plastic use and innovators are working to find solutions for the vast amount of used plastics. 

Incorporating recycled plastic into the product plays a part in the solution to an increasing plastic crisis.

Wâpahki is also developing an opportunity for a recycling facility with a capacity to process upwards of 300 tonnes/day of plastic. Diverting plastic from landfills, creating a demand for increased collection and recycling of plastic waste.