“Opportunities don't happen.  You create them." Chris Grosser

At Wâpahki we lead by example and bring a positive and responsible approach to business opportunities.

Grounded in our corporate First Nation ownership model, we adhere to environmental stewardship, mutually beneficial relationships, and are dedicated to our entrepreneurial culture.

We are committed to the use of waste plastics in our product, the removal of waste plastics from land and waterways and the responsible development of Canadian resources.


Wapahki Midstream’s corporate pillars guide how we work, whom we work with, and how we conduct business.

Responsible Development

We recognize what we do now must benefit future generations. As global citizens, we are committed to a positive qualify of life, and the quality of land, air and water, locally and globally.  


We are transparent.  We understand our role in leadership, compliance, oversight, corporate social conscience, and ensuring we always do what is right.


We are market-driven, focused on resource-based product opportunities that incorporate advances in technology, environmental stewardship and job creation.

Social Transformation

We leverage our history to bring social and economic benefits to our communities, and value diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. 

Making a Difference

We are committed to creating a positive impact on the environment, employment opportunities, access to global markets, and social change.