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Wapahki Solutions is an Indigenous company that delivers an environmentally friendly bitumen mix with a focus on non-combustion industrial end-use products for global markets.
Safely and cost effectively.

Our highly skilled professional management team, together with world-class advisors, have proven industry experience and the ability to successfully deliver and meet global market demand.

Wapahki means "tomorrow" in Cree. This venture is about building long term wealth and a better tomorrow for our members. As Chief of Heart Lake First Nation, I am proud to see Wapahki's world class team working together with industry in advancing this important resource development project in delivering on a better future for our members. The world needs Alberta bitumen for all kinds of end uses including non combustion industrial materials such as road building, textiles, waterproofing, membranes and sealants. Lets make a difference and safely deliver our valuable resources to global markets.

Curtis Monias

Chief, Heart Lake First Nation

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