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ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance Standards

The global energy economy is in a period of significant transition. This transition is driven by realities created by a shift in perception and priorities related to the governance, economic, environmental and social factors of our world.

Failing to heed these factors in any future energy producing development risks failure before the project can launch. And that's why we have made these factors a central focus in considering every decision we make. 


The time is right for opening up the untapped value of Canadian bitumen beyond combustion.


Economic Value

Measurable Impact

With shovels in the ground for Q4 2021, Wâpahki expects to be able to create over 2250 new construction jobs in the initial year. These jobs are well paying positions that take advantage of Alberta's personnel expertise in energy and product development and production. 

By 2024, when full production operations begin, we anticipate the creation of nearly 3800 full-time operations jobs. And with our expected future growth, we anticipate Albertans will collect upwards of $50MM/day in resource royalties under current legislation.


Carbon Free Demand/Capacity

Wâpahki products are designed to scale with global demand, for non-combustible materials, with five stages of expansion planned to grow our production capacity. Within five years of production start, Wâpahki projects the use of five million BPD in production of non-combustible and combustible products for the global marketplace.


Environmental Value

Our overarching criteria is to only design solutions that have the least impact (smallest footprint) on the environment possible. To meet that criteria, we start to invest and engineer efficient solutions that minimize the need of energy. We then invest to utilize only clean energy to achieve Carbon Free. In addition, we engineer to maximize the use of recycled plastic in permanent for life environment safe applications, all helping to rid the planet of the plastic scourge.

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Social Value


Wâpahki DNA is indigenous in creation. From our humble beginning as a single indigenous owner, Heart Lake First Nation, and we are now owned by multiple indigenous entities. We plan for broader regional indigenous community participation in the economic development and wealth creation opportunities in Wâpahki’s future.

As a new founded enterprise and an immediate global industry participant, Wâpahki’s governance, responsibility and accountability structure is committed to always surpass the most stringent criteria and highest standards in all global jurisdictions.

A Made-in-Alberta Solution to a Global Issue

Our ‘made in Alberta solution’ is a market creation innovation to bring Alberta bitumen to new global non-combustible markets in the safest, carbon free and least impact footprint possible tomorrow.