What We Do

Big Innovations Beyond
a Little Package

At Wâpahki, we think differently to change the world and reach currently inaccessible global commercial markets. Our approach has been to create a solution that overcomes the current challenges facing the environmental, economical and social challenges of the world. 

As Albertan's at heart, we've chosen to tackle some of the biggest issues related to transporting Alberta's bitumen through existing channels of truck, rail and marine.

Our solution has found a way to achieve the most efficient, environmental and economic transport possible today while doing so through an environmentally conscious way. The solution: The Rpâhk™ transportation system.


Scenic Road Bike

Meeting Global Demand with Green Asphalt

Global progress in the 21st century has led to unprecedented demand for roads, and its precursor component of asphalt. The world needs roads and infrastructure, and recent projections show that we can expect a significant shortfall in the supply of asphalt by 2030 in the global market. This presents a massive opportunity for Alberta bitumen products to meet this shortfall.

Additionally, Wâpahki's Rpâhk composition profile can be custom tailored to each customer's requirements in creating Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA). By using recycled plastic materials we work to reduce the amount of plastics in landfills, while strengthening asphalt. This Green Asphalt contributes to a longer asphalt lifespan, reducing maintenance and material costs.

From Alberta
to the Global Stage…

Alberta’s success, prosperity and strength has long been equated with processing and transporting Oilsands products.
We have developed an 
international reputation as an innovator, playing a strong part in North America's success. And new realities are creating opportunities to provide Alberta bitumen products to global markets for non-combustible uses safely and economically.

By utilizing existing road, rail and marine infrastructure, we are able to bring Wâpahki products to domestic and global markets safely and efficiently. The proprietary composition of the Rpâhk units virtually eliminates the risk associated to spills: the solid units are easy to reclaim and have been engineered to float in water. Our 'Made in Alberta' solution continues to show the world that Alberta is a global leader in innovation and product development.


Project Details - 2021

  • 1850 acre site

  • $3.7B total CapEx for initial capacity

  • Production of 100MM BPY to start in 2024 (market demand of 5MM BPD by 2030)

  • 500,000 tonnes of recycled polymers/year

  • Site access Q4 2021


Execution Success Discipline

All decisions taken must first pass sequentially through four rigid stage gates including (i) Economics (efficient), (ii) Risk (elimination), (iii) Constructability (effective) and (iv) Time (deadline).

Execution success is achieved with a single focus on the individual success of completing the predecessor activity of each scheduled step. Only then may we continue to the next stage through our development process.


A Made-in-Alberta Solution to a Global Issue

Our ‘made in Alberta solution’ is a market creation innovation to bring Alberta bitumen to new global non-combustible markets in the safest, carbon free and least impact footprint possible tomorrow.