Creating a Better Tomorrow With Alberta Bitumen

Wâpahki is an innovative global transport company focused on improving industry today for a better tomorrow. It's what you'd expect from a company whose name is the Cree word for ‘Tomorrow’.

With a future focus, our team of experienced industry professionals have developed a 'Made in Alberta Solution' that leverages patented technology to change the way the world uses and transports Alberta bitumen.


At Wâpahki, we've developed a full-spectrum solution to transport Alberta bitumen to new markets in a safer, more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and socially beneficial way​ than any other alternative.​

The time is right for opening up the untapped value of Canadian bitumen beyond combustion.

Building Roads
to the Future

Since the beginning of time, roads have been associated with growth and progress. They've connected people and allowed us to effectively move goods and services.


In today's global economy, the demand for more  connected roadways are on the rise, which intern is leading to an increase in demand for the  non-combustible use of bitumen for asphalt and infrastructure expansion. Wâpahki is proud to be at the forefront serving this demand with our innovative Rpâhk based bulk-bitumen transport solution.


By blending high quality Alberta bitumen with recycled waste plastic, we have created Green Asphalt. And the ability to safely and efficiently move Rpâhk units in bulk ensures that we are creating the lowest cost, environmentally sustainable method of building roads to, and of, the future.


The Key to Successful Delivery is in NOT Reinventing the Wheel…

Our solution is a proprietary technology. It's built on simple, proven science, engineering and work methods that solve a complex commercial challenge, namely cost-effectively repurposing Alberta bitumen for carbon free delivery and non-combustible applications worldwide.

At Wâpahki, we have developed an innovative way to package and bulk-transport Alberta bitumen to currently inaccessible global markets. It is shipped as a solid to global markets via bulk truck, rail and marine methods. This achieves the most efficient, environmental and economic transport possible today. In addition, specific polymer-modified enhancements to bitumen are tailored to each individual customer order for their specific needs.


The entire transportation bridge from source to end-user is seamless, fully scalable and engineered to grow with newfound global market reach and demand.

Providing Benefits to Albertans



As an innovative organization leading change, we know that we must set an example for doing what's right. As such, our team is committed to always surpass the most stringent criteria and highest standards in all global jurisdictions where we operate and serve industry.



Wâpahki provides an expanded use of Alberta bitumen for non-combustible outputs. And by shipping an inert and buoyant product in bulk, Wâpahki technology provides the safest and most economical means of transportation for Alberta's bitumen.



As an organization, Wâpahki is focused on providing shared benefits with the community at large. This includes a diverse group of investors and an active invitation for indigenous participation.  

At the end of the day, it’s about doing the right thing for all of us. It's about developing a solution to today's biggest challenges around environmental, social and economic issues. At Wâpahki we're proud to lead the world in creating innovative solutions today to achieve our brighter tomorrow.

The Four R's

Our market creation innovation is a total solution for tomorrow and fully sustainable beyond. As an innovative globally reaching transport technology company, Wâpahki measured results are founded and driven by our Four R’s:

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Repurpose Bitumen

Reach New Markets

Reuse Existing Infrastructure

A 'Made In Alberta' Solution for a Global Issue

Our ‘made in Alberta solution’ is a market creation innovation - bringing Alberta bitumen safely to new global markets for non-combustible use. Delivering a carbon free solution with the lowest impact footprint possible tomorrow.